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2021 sees a new direction for Ainsley with the release of her solo album ‘Not Just Ship Land’. Produced by BBC composer Malcolm Lindsay, featuring the Czech Studio Orchestra conducted by Mikel Toms. Featuringself-penned songs such as ‘Belle of the Ball’ from Ainsley’s first solo release, accompanied by string orchestra.

‘Not Just Ship Land’, released March 31st 2021, is inspired by the surroundings and unsung heroes of Govan, Glasgow. Ainsley’s writing specifically focuses on the people, who have up until now, been little celebrated for their astonishing achievements. These people include olympic gold medalists, antarctic explorers, those who fought for the people and many more.

Order the physical CD now with accompanying notes on the characters and full set of lyrics.

1. Not Just Ship Land
2. Belle of the Ball
3. Respect Your Elder
4. The Daffodil King
5. No Time to Lose Time
6. Felix Rooney
7. The Lyceum
8. The Will of the People is Law

Image of Belle of the Ball - EP
Belle of the Ball - EP
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